World Top Artists And Their Priceless Creations!

The world is rich in diverse languages, countries, cities, states, traditions, cultures, castes, religions, etc. Art is something that brings everything in one giant circle but with various varieties in it. Art is a mixture of multiple human activities that involve creativity, imagination, perspectives that helps to convey a particular concept or idea. One cannot define art specifically because it’s like an ocean with thousands of rivers, aquatic animals, pearls, etc. Art is a subject where one discovers exciting and vibrant nightlife images as one goes on exploring them.

Visual Arts are divided into three categories: Sculpture, Painting, and Architecture.

Let’s look into the top-class artists in the world, along with their best works so far!

World top artists and their priceless creations!

1. Magical Monalisa by Leonardo Da Vinci:

Leonardo Da Vinci, an Italian, painted a half-length portrait featuring a woman, part of Guinness’s record for a worth of US100$ million in insurance valuation in 1962! MonaLisa is the most famous and classic painting of all time. The renowned painting on which articles were written, songs were composed, and the most visited picture was created between 1503 and 1517.

2.The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh:

Vincent van Gogh is the creator of the beautiful oil painting-’Starry Night’ in 1889. It is said that the painting depicts his tumultuous mind where the night sky flourishes with spirals and spheroids of the paintbrushes that are applied furiously on the dark and light sides of nature! This painting is one of the most acknowledged paintings in western art.

3.Girl with the pearl earring by Johannes Vermeer:

This gorgeous oil painting is a tronie( In Dutch Golden Age painting, a tronie represents an exaggerated dressing sense or facial expression). Johannes Vermeer’s painting started in 1665, comprises a gorgeous European lady wearing a glamorous dress along with a turban and a pretty pearl earring!

In 2006, the painting was selected as the most beautiful painting in the Netherlands by Dutch people.

4.The Scream by Edvard Munch:

The Scream is the famous name given to the painting but, ‘The Scream of nature’ is the exact name. Munch, a Norwegian Expressionist artist, is trying to portray human anxiety in the picture. The inspiration for his work was a sunset where he felt like an infinite scream was passing through nature. The painting featuring a worried man and is said to be paid high in a public auction.

World top artists and their priceless creations!

5.The Sleeping Gypsy by Henry Rousseau:

The Sleeping Gypsy is a creation of a naive French artist, Henry Rousseau, in 1897. A fabulous painting that’s trying to portray a lion contemplating over a sleeping woman in the moonlight, and due to her fragrance, the lion doesn’t harm or eat her up! The oil painting is as poetic as its explanation.

These paintings are unique in many aspects, excluding one; they belong to the same destination called ‘Art.’

Beautiful, isn’t it? That’s the magic of art!

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